For Everett Schools!

Voting Yes for Everett Schools renews our commitment to student success. These measures fund essential classroom needs including STEM education, nurses, counselors, extracurricular activities, 1:1 student technology, critical building maintenance and updates to keep our students warm and dry in a safe and productive learning environment.

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    Proposition 1: Operations Levy Renewal

    Proposition 2: Technology and Capital Levy Renewal

    This measure was passed overwhelmingly by the voters 4 years ago.  It provides 14% of Everett SD’s general budget filling the gap in state funding.  For example, the State funds only 3 nurses for the entire district!  Local levies must cover the remaining needs.  This measure funds:

    • Nurses and Counselors

    • Special Education

    • Early Childhood Education

    • Additional Academic Supports

    • Extracurriculars like sports and clubs

    • Safety and security

    We’re proud of our quality schools!  Everett SD graduation rate is among the highest in WA State.  But failure to pass Prop 1 would lead to significant cuts in staff, programs, and services for students.  Our students and families are relying on us to renew our commitment.  Please vote Yes for schools!

    This measure was passed overwhelmingly by the voters 6 years ago.  Everett SD has been a leader in STEM Education and career pathway programs.  When the pandemic hit, we were able to quickly deliver laptops to all of our students to facilitate remote learning.  Everett SD managed to avoid many of the shortfalls experienced by students in other districts because of our technology levy.

    Prop 2 also funds critical capital construction needs such as replacing two aging elementary schools and increasing classroom space to address overcrowding, renovating high school science classrooms for STEM and career pathway programs, and updating HVAC, fire alarms, and security systems across the district.

    • Maintain 1:1 student-to-device ratio

    • Modernize aging technology infrastructure

    • Replace Madison Elementary

    • Replace Jackson Elementary

    • Upgrade Cascade High School Science Building

    • Upgrade Jackson High School Science classrooms

    • Upgrade Everett High School classrooms and common spaces

    • Update HVAC, fire alarms, and security systems across the district

    • Replace failing roofs at 6 schools


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